Do you currently have a strategic alliance that is underperforming? 

Lack of executive attention to the relationship, lack of trust at the field level (especially the sales force), and lack of commitment and allocation of competent dedicated resources leads to very poor execution. Alliances’ high failure rate is primarily due to two causes: 1) unclear and / or misaligned partner objectives and 2) lack of keeping the partners engaged and motivated.

collabtogrow’s service offerings and technology were built to focus on these two areas. We help partners identify, agree-upon and formalize the goals and objectives of the alliance and then manage towards those goals through the tracking of KPIs and Balanced Scorecard reporting. In terms of partner engagement, our alliance governance framework keeps partners regularly engaged and (more importantly) accountable to each other.

Have you entered an alliance and now need help managing that alliance?

Our proven framework coupled with our innovative collabtogrow™ Succeed platform assure strategic alliance success. Visit Our Services page to learn more about how we can help you manage your alliance as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Are you thinking about outsourcing the management of your alliance(s)? 

Having trouble finding (or affording) the talent to run your strategic alliance, or would you just prefer to leave it to the pros? Contact Us to get started.