It is essential to recognize, understand, and communicate the purpose and overall strategy for the alliance, partnership, or joint venture. A collaborative relationship worth having is one that is focused on returning significant benefit to the organizations involved and requires, planning, investment and commitment.

A key activity during “imagining” is developing the Balanced Scorecard, which is a foundational tool to help establish a clear alliance strategy, set measurable goals, and define the governance required for execution.

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Once agreement has been reached on the alliance goals, objectives, and expected benefits, the next step is to formalize those agreements and establish the governance structure and management processes to manage the relationship. Things don’t happen by themselves and a successful alliance or partnership requires executive commitment, a well-defined organization structure, resources and proven management processes.

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collabtogrow™ Succeed is focused on achieving the objectives and goals and executing on the operational alliance activities (joint product development, marketing, sales etc.). It is important for each partner in the relationship to be committed and accountable to the overall alliance. Effective communication is a key to success in any relationship and timely, accurate reporting against the KPI’s and goals is the foundational element of the communication.

Another key ingredient to success is the continual improvement of the strategic alliance. We help you leverage learnings to refine and improve internal and joint processes and proactively manage issues and risks to identify other areas for improvement.


Tying it all together 

Our three step process provides a comprehensive road map to establish an effective management and governance plan to manage your strategic alliance. Whether you are forming a new business relationship or wish to re-align and improve the overall performance of an exiting relationship, collabtogrow is your one stop shop.