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Strategy *
Defining, documenting, and communicating the strategy and vision for the relationship
The companies have had prior successful alliances.
The goals established for the relationship are achievable.
The strategy and scope of the relationship are compatible with the partners overall strategies.
The strategy and scope of the relationship have been communicated to all stakeholders.
There is clear senior management commitment to the relationship from both partners.
Goals & KPIs *
Goals & KPIs
Establishing and agreeing upon clear objectives, goals and KPIs for achievement of the strategy and vision
Key performance indicators (KPIs) supporting the goals and objectives have been identified.
The individual partners' goals, objectives and KPIs are not in conflict.
The penalties for non performance are clearly understood.
The goals, objectives and KPIs are clearly understood by all stakeholders.
Business Case *
Business Case
Construction of a Business Case to establish the investments, commitments and expectations
The benefits have been identified and quantified.
The costs have been identified and quantified.
The sales and marketing strategy has been completely developed.
Agreements & Contracts *
Agreements & Contracts
Formalization of the relationship in agreements & contracts, and communication within each organization to establish clarity and alignment
The agreements protect intellectual property rights.
A joint strategy for ending the relationship has been developed.
There is a formal process by which documents are approved.
The agreements effectively document all the key elements of working together.
The agreements have been communicated to all stakeholders.
Governance *
Establishing the governance structure and management processes to manage the relationship
The resources assigned are adequate to meet objectives.
There is a governance model that is being followed.
The senior executives responsible are at the appropriate organizational level.
The partners have developed a collaborative and trusting working relationship.
Operations *
Keeping the relationship focused on achieving the objectives and goals and executing on the operational alliance activities
Risks and issues are being effectively managed.
Appropriate corrective action is taken as needed.
The alliance team and the sales teams work together effectively.
Team members are being trained as required.
The relationship is meeting the expectations of both parties.
Reporting *
Producing periodic and ad-hoc reporting and dashboards on the agreed-upon goals, objectives and KPIs
The reports generated are accurate and timely.
The reports measure performance against goals, objectives & KPIs.
Reports use consistently defined metrics.
Senior management regularly reviews the reports generated.
Continuous Improvement *
Continuous Improvement
Leveraging "lessons learned" to refine and improve joint processes and proactively managing issues and risks to identify other areas for improvement
There is a joint quality review process.
The team is effective at identifying innovation and market opportunities.
The Senior Executives are active in monitoring performance and taking corrective action.
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